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Bolduc Dental offers preventive care, restoration, and enhancement of the natural beauty of your smile with a conservative and state-of-the-art approach that will result in a beautiful and long lasting smile.


Bolduc Dental offices are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology including digital radiology (X-Rays) which has 90% less radiation. Having your comfort in mind our offices are designed in a contemporary fashion with an open, warm, and bright atmosphere.

We are open 5 days a week and have early morning and after hours appointments to meet your schedule.


Please note that if you are delayed or unable to attend an appointment, we kindly ask you to call us as soon as possible. If you are delayed we may have to reschedule your appointment in order to stay on time and be courteous to our patients. There will be a $75.00 charge for missed appointments that are confirmed.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Digital X-rays
  • Invisalign

Insurance and Billing

If you have dental insurance and consider using it please read this section to understand your responsibilities and how your insurance works.

Please understand that we file dental insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. No insurance company pays 100% for all procedures. We have no control over how your insurance company determines your benefits and issues payment for treatment received by you (a procedure may be determined as covered, non-covered, or downgraded). A non-covered service results in patient responsibility for the office fees. A downgraded service results in patient responsibility for the difference between negotiated insurance fee of the downgraded service and the office fee for the provided service, unless it is prohibited by law or there is an agreement between insurance company and the provider.

We can only assist our patients in estimating their portion of the cost of treatment based on information received from the insurance company. At no time can we guarantee what your insurance will or will not do with each claim. We also cannot be responsible for any errors in estimating and filing your insurance claim.

The patient is responsible to inform Bolduc Dental of any changes that affects their insurance, such as change in insurance company, policy name, insurance company address, or a change of employment, etc.

Patients are responsible for any balance on their account after 30 days, independent of how insurance company processed the claim and what payment is made. If the balance is not cleared within 45 days from treatment date an administration fee of $25 plus 1.5% finance charges for outstanding balance will be added to your account each month until it is paid in full.


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