Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush Your Teeth?

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The stages of periodontal disease. Dentist Vienna VA

Periodontal Disease; Causes and Prevention

Do you think it’s normal if your gums bleed whenever you brush your teeth? Certainly, not! It might be time to visit Bolduc Dental the best dentist in Vienna, VA to help you with this. If you have swollen, sensitive and bleeding gums, then it indicates towards the presence of an underlying problems with your gums, also known as periodontal disease. The bad news for you is that you need to seek dental treatment immediately, otherwise it can result in an irreversible damage to your gums and teeth! the good news, on the other hand is that periodontal disease can be treated.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease refers to an inflammation of the structures surrounding the teeth, such as the gums, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone. In its early stages, periodontal disease is reversible and is characterized by presence of swollen and bleeding gums. In the advanced stages of a periodontal disease, irreversible damage to the gums and the alveolar bone takes place.

What is the Cause of Periodontal Disease?

There are several reasons for the development of periodontal disease. However, the most common among them is poor oral hygiene.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – When we brush our teeth, we are removing a thick sticky layer of food and bacterial debris that has deposited on our teeth, known as the plaque. What would happen if we stop brushing our teeth? Plaque continues to form on our teeth and it hardens and calcifies over time to become dental calculus. Both plaque and calculus serve as excellent centers for the growth and development of various disease causing bacteria. When these bacteria replicate, and grow inside the calculus they release various toxins that lead to the inflammation of the gums and damage the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.
  • Hormonal Changes – changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause can also result in the inflammation of the gum tissues and development of periodontal problems.
  • Genetics – if you have a family history of periodontal diseases, then your genetics can also serve as a contributing factor for the development of gingival or periodontal problems.
  • Drugs – certain medications such as those used for the treatment of seizures and angina can cause inflammation of the gums.
  • Diseases – certain auto-immune diseases have been found to alter the immune reaction of the body, and may cause periodontal disease. In addition, gum and periodontal problems are also common among diabetic patients, since diabetes also interferes with the immune response of the body.

What are the Stages of Progression of Periodontal Disease?

If not treated timely, periodontal disease progress through three different stages:

  • Gingivitis – this is the initial stage of a periodontal disease, which is characterized by the presence of swollen, reddish and bleeding gums. This stage is completely reversible through strict oral hygiene measures, such as regular brushing, flossing and using a medicated mouthwash.
  • Periodontitis – failing to maintain optimal oral hygiene can result in the progression of gingivitis into periodontitis; a condition that is marked by the extension of inflammation into the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. During this stage, the gums become even more swollen and bleed profusely. The gums start to detach from the teeth, resulting in the formation of pockets that promote food impaction and bacterial replication. This stage is characterized by irreversible damage to the periodontal ligament and jaw bone. However, further progression of this problem can be prevented through oral hygiene maintenance, professional teeth cleaning and sometimes, gingival surgery. If you feel that you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you must immediately visit your Dentist in Vienna VA for treatment.
  • Advanced Periodontitis – failure to seek treatment for periodontitis causes the disease to enter an extremely advanced stage. In advanced periodontitis, gums tend to bleed continuously and there is accelerated loss of the gingival tissue and alveolar bone. As a result, the teeth become loose in their sockets, and ultimately fall off. This stage is quite difficult to treat, despite treatment by an expert dentist in Vienna and antibiotic therapy.

How Can Periodontal Disease be Prevented?

Despite its disastrous outcome, prevention of periodontal disease is quite simple. All you need to do is to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – How can you maintain perfect oral hygiene? By making sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and flossing your teeth to ensure optimal inter-dental cleaning. In addition, you can also use a mouthwash for improved dental hygiene maintenance.
  • Regular Dental Checkups – regular visits to your dentist’s office in Vienna VA will ensure that all problems with your teeth and gums are detected timely, so that they can be treated before they cause any permanent damage.

How is Periodontal Disease Managed at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA?

Mostly symptomatic treatment is provided in case of a periodontal disease. Some of the steps of management are:

  • Professional Teeth Cleaning at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA – this will be done by our dentists at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA to remove plaque and calculus deposits, to reverse the inflammation of the gums.
  • Bone Grafting at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA – in case there is widespread permanent damage to the alveolar bone because of advanced periodontitis, bone grafting by using autogenous or alloplastic bone tissue will be done at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA to restore the volume and thickness of the jaw bone. Stem cells can also be used to promote bone formation.
  • Gingival Re-attachment at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA – gums tend to recede from their original position because of periodontal disease. Gingival surgery is sometimes performed at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA to re-attach the gums back to their original position, to restore their function as well as facial esthetics.
  • Missing Teeth Replacement at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA – at Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA, we will also replace your missing teeth that have been lost due to periodontal infection, with adenture, bridge or an implant supported prosthesis.


Treatment of Periodontal Disease in Vienna?

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