Benefits of Getting a Dental Implant

Dental Implants Vienna VA

Beautiful teeth do not happen from brushing and flossing alone. While these are both integral to overall oral health, they will not fix any existing damage. If you currently have a missing tooth, you will want to replace it with a dental implant. It protects your gums and jaw without any damage to other teeth. It looks like a real tooth, too. You will have the chance to bring back that beautiful smile, keep a healthy mouth, and do everything without any of the pain or insecurities that come from missing or damaged teeth. The dental implants we have at Bolduc Dental in Vienna VA are ready to go when you need them.

When you have a missing tooth, you have an imperfect smile. Even if the rest of your teeth are clean and attractive, that gap does get in the way. It makes it harder to look your best at all times. Improving your smile is all about filling in that gap. There are two ways to do this. You could do a bridge, but that would require damaging surrounding teeth. You could also do a dental implant, which puts the false tooth in the gap. It is the best way to get the beautiful smile that you deserve without causing damage to any other teeth.
Along with making your smile complete and beautiful, it avoids any damage from having the gap there. A gap in your smile is dangerous. You do not want to have missing teeth as that can lead to further damage of the jaw and gums. Your health is in danger when you do not make the necessary fixes. At Bolduc Dental in Vienna VA we offer dental implants and they are important to your overall self-esteem. You can ensure that you will have a beautiful smile and good oral health.

Everyone can begin taking advantage of dental implants that Bolduc Dental, Vienna VA has available. By speaking with Dr. Bolduc, you can begin the fitting and the process immediately. If you have any gaps in your smile for any reason, you will want to start now. As stated, there are health risks to leaving a gap. Having it drag down your appearance and health is a dangerous thing. You do not want to wait any longer. For your smile, your health, your confidence, and your future, make sure that you look into Bolduc Dental Vienna VA and see what we have to offer right now. You will love your future smile.