Why Your Wisdom Teeth Can Cause So Much Damage

oral surgeon Vienna VA

oral surgeon Vienna VA

If you are considering oral surgery Vienna VA clinics like Bolduc Dental can take care of issues with your wisdom teeth before serious issues occur. But why do your wisdom teeth cause so much damage, and why is it recommended to have them removed? Here’s what you need to know:

Sometimes Wisdom Teeth Become Impacted

For a lot of people, your jaw is designed to fit 28 teeth comfortably with each tooth spaced exactly the way it should be. The problem is, later in life, 4 more teeth—known as wisdom teeth—grow in. Trying to squeeze 4 more teeth into a space where they do not fit can lead to a lot of issues, one of them being that the tooth does not push through the gum all the way.

Known as impacting, when your tooth does not erupt all the way you are susceptible to very painful infections or make havens for bacteria and germs to grow, especially since partially erupted teeth cannot be cleaned effectively. With a dentist Vienna VA residents will have their wisdom teeth removed to stop further infections.

It Is Common For Wisdom Teeth To Not Grow Straight

Another problem with wisdom teeth that can require one an oral surgeon Vienna VA has to offer is that it’s common for your wisdom teeth to not grow in straight. When this happens and your teeth start to grow sideways they can cause extreme pain due to hitting nerves in the jaw. Additionally, wisdom teeth that do not grow in straight can start to impact other teeth in your mouth which can cause damage to other teeth and require expensive procedures to correct.

Schedule A Dental Appointment Today

If you are starting to experience pain in the back of your jaw, it may be because of damage caused by wisdom teeth. The best way to determine what should be done is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. When looking for a dentist Vienna VA has a lot of choices but it’s important that you choose someone who is not only local but has years of experience dealing with wisdom teeth. Bolduc Dental is a dental office that performs oral surgery Vienna VA residents can count on. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment.